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Is it Okay to Have a Fish Tank in Your Bedroom?

A fish tank is a welcome addition to any home. It creates a soothing, relaxing ambience while providing hours of visual enjoyment. While most tanks are placed in sitting (or living) rooms, you may now be wondering to yourself whether (or not) they can be put in bedrooms?

Not only is it okay to have a fish tank in your bedroom, it is often encouraged as part of good feng shui practice! However, the sound or smell can sometimes be off-putting, making it difficult to fall and stay asleep. As well, it can sometimes have the opposite effect of what is intended, making you feel more stressed and anxious rather than calm and relaxed.

Now that you know it is alright to place a fish tank in your bedroom, let us explore the topic further and in more detail below. We will discuss the pros and cons of this as well as where you (definitely) do not want to put them in your home. So, if you are ready to learn more about putting fish tanks in bedrooms, then please read onward.

What are the Pros and Cons of Placing a Fish Tank in a Bedroom?

There are both pros and cons to putting a fish tank in the bedroom. These include (but are not limited to) the following:


Positive Feng Shui Energy

A fish tank in a bedroom complies with some of the basic feng shui principles, including the balance of all 5 elements including water (tank water), wood (plants or driftwood in the tank), earth (rocks and substrate in the tank), metal (the structure of the tank itself) and fire (lighting in the tank as well as the bright fish colors).

Aquariums are also often considered a feng shui remedy for ‘wealth and abundance.’ For this, you must place the tank in the southeastern corner of the room which symbolizes your ‘money area.’ Certain fish are also preferred over others when it comes to feng shui etiquette – these include arowanas, goldfish, and koi.

Calming and Soothing Ambience

A fish tank in a bedroom also creates a sense of calm. The peaceful allure of the water along with the tranquil movements of the fish provide for a serene, soothing environment thus promoting deep sleep and relaxation.

Viewing Pleasure

A fish tank in a bedroom provides hours of watchful enjoyment. There is nothing more relaxing after a long, hard day than getting into cozy pajamas and crawling under warm sheets while watching beautiful fish swim with such grace and ease.

When No Other Room Will Suffice

A fish tank in a bedroom will work when there is just no other option. Perhaps you do not have enough space in your living room or kitchen. Or maybe you are in the process of finishing your basement. In any case, a fish tank in a bedroom, provided it can be properly setup and maintained, is okay.

To Prevent Potential Knock Over Accidents

A fish tank in a bedroom is a good idea if you have small children running about. To avoid an accidental knock over, it is best to place the tank where kids are unlikely to be, such as their parents’ bedroom. This is a safer alternative not only for the fish but for all family members as well.


Negative Feng Shui Energy

A fish tank in a bedroom also breaks some feng shui rules including the over-amplification of the water element. The constant movement of the water and the active aquatic environment can weaken the sense of calm and replace it with anxiety. This can have a negative affect on your overall well-being, making you feel worried and/or stressed.

Noise or Sound Issues

A fish tank in a bedroom can be loud, especially when the filter kicks in. And, if it should be damaged or dirty, it will likely make even more noise!  This can disturb sleep patterns as your brain will continually try to register and/or process the sounds. As a result, you will not be able to enter that stage of ‘REM’ so necessary for optimal body functioning.

Unappealing Smell

A fish tank in a bedroom can be stinky, thus affecting your ability to sleep. Bio-waste including dead fish, excess food or excrement causes odors. And while certain aromatic scents such as lavender, chamomile, bergamot, and geranium can improve and induce sleep, unappealing smells from a poorly maintained aquarium can have the opposite affect.

Possible Safety Concerns

A fish tank in a bedroom can pose a safety risk. If the tank is not placed on a sturdy enough foundation, it can break and make a terrible mess (not to mention possibly kill your fish)! The fact is that not just any dresser or nightstand will do! You must ensure that the aquarium is situated on a strong platform that can sufficiently hold its weight.

Problem with Humidity Levels

A fish tank in a bedroom can increase humidity, making it uncomfortable to sleep. The ideal humidity level for sleep is between 30 and 50 and anything higher can make you feel congested and sweaty. Aquariums undoubtedly add moisture to air which can negatively affect your ability to fall and stay asleep if the humidity is to high.

Where Should You Not Put a Fish Tank?

There is often a debate when it comes to putting a fish tank in a bedroom. As you can see from the information above, there are both pros and cons to this argument. However, when it comes to other places in your home, there are some definite ‘do not put your fish tank here’ scenarios, which include the following:

  • Never place an aquarium in direct sunlight for excessive amounts of time and during hours of peak heat – this will cause fluctuations in the tank’s temperature and increase the chances of algae growth.
  • Do not put a fish tank anywhere near an air conditioner, space heater, radiator, or fireplace – this too will cause fluctuations in the tank’s temperature and could affect the overall health of your fish.
  • Do not place your aquarium near a door – the shockwaves transmitted from the constant opening and closing of the door could scare the fish and make them skittish. And, as most aquarium hobbyists know from experience, a scared fish often leads to a sick or dead fish!
  • Never place a fish tank that is heavier than 10 gallons on a desk or any lightweight platform – this could cause a tip-over or collapse of the aquarium, making a mess of your home and possibly killing your fish!
  • Do not put a fish tank in the middle of a room – it is best to place your aquarium against a wall or in a corner where there is extra weight support as well as less chance that it could accidently get knocked down!
  • Never put a fish tank on the floor – an aquarium should not be placed at floor level as this also increases the chances of an accident happening or a possibly dangerous foreign object falling into it.
  • Do not setup a fish tank too close to the TV – the flashing lights from a television screen accompanied by the loud sounds from the speakers may scare or stress out your fish, thus affecting their overall health.
  • Never put a fish tank above an electrical outlet or too close to a power bar – always set up your aquarium at least a foot (or more) away from an electrical or power outlet to avoid a possible electric shock or short circuit accident.
  • Do not place a fish tank out of eye range – make sure your aquarium is placed where you can see it, not only for your viewing pleasure but also to avoid an accident that could have been prevented had you noticed the problem right away.


To sum things up, there are both pros and cons to placing a fish tank in a bedroom. Not only is it good from a feng shui standpoint, but it also helps create a soothing and comforting environment to fall asleep in. The key, however, is to make sure it is properly maintained otherwise, you may end up with more of problem than you bargained for!

Good luck and sweet dreams!

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