About Me

A Bit About Me  

Hi and welcome to my site. My name is Grant Handford and I live in Canada. I was born and raised in eastern Canada then got the bright idea to move 1600 Km’s across the country to live in the Prairies.                                                                                                       Photo at Chuck e Cheese

I have been into fish and the aquarium hobby enjoying Aquariums and Fish for well over 30 years. I have had freshwater tanks for part of the time but 3/4 of those thirty years I always had a saltwater tank running.

I have other Hobbies like woodworking and collecting Superhero toys with my son.

I am about seven years away from retiring from a civil servant job. Yes I am a bit older than the usual parent of such a young child but I am okay with that. I wouldn’t change anything.

Why I Created This Website

I love having Fish as a pet and wanted to share my knowledge as well as learn more about the hobby so I can teach my son who will hopefully get as much enjoyment out of it as me.

I hope to have this website turn into a community of Fish lovers like myself who can share and enjoy each others passions. So far I am imagining this site being a great resource for newbies to the aquarium hobby for the first couple years of the website being around and slowly as I grow my own knowledge and create more content the site will turn into a great resource for hobbyists of all levels.

I wanted to learn how to create and manage a website also teaching that to my son. If this site grows and isn’t a huge headache to manage I hope to start a couple more websites in the future about other things I enjoy.

I am hoping to be active online managing this website and others once I retire.

I should mention that I have a Facebook page and a YouTube Channel for Aquariums at home.

I don’t have comments activated on the site but if you need to reach out to me feel free to email me at glhandford at gmail.com