Recommended Aquarium Lights

Aquarium lighting is an important piece of fish tank equipment that should not be skimped on when it comes to providing enough light for fish, live plants, live rocks, corals and everything else living in your tank.

Questions from fish tank owners on lighting range from, which aquarium lighting is best for plants, will LED aquarium lights grow plants, what kind of lighting do I need for just fish, what aquarium lighting for saltwater or what aquarium lights for corals and so on.

On this page I will do my best to provide you with great options for all of those lighting questions plus more. The answer to most of those questions yes LED lighting works great on pretty much any tank.

The size and type of lighting you will need all depends on how big your aquarium is and what you have in the tank. So let’s get started. I will link to each light in the light name and picture if possible so you can conveniently go check them out on Amazon after reading my info on the light.

Let’s start the recommendations off with a very cool Affordable LED light that has LIGHTNING EFFECT. This means at night time you can set the light to just display random lightning for a very cool feel.

Freshwater LED Light with Remote Control by Current USA Satellite

Yes you read that right this beautiful light has a remote control and lightning effect.

some other excellent features of this LED light.                     

  • A 32 key customizable wireless remote control.
  • The remote control has 4 memory buttons so you can save your favorite light sequence’s.
  • Lighting effects include lightning, dusk, storm, cloud cover, lunar lighting and more options.
  • Full  spectrum RGB LED’s with extremely bright 6500K White LED’s.

This sleek light comes in 4 different lengths and prices so you will find one for your tank.

This LED light would be a good addition to your existing lighting or use alone on any freshwater set up.

 The Coralife Lunar Aqualight High Output T5 Quad Light Fixture.

This impressive light has four high output lights and directional LED moonlights. The directional LED’s have aCoralife-aquarium-lighting shimmering moonlight affect and can be positioned in any area of the tank you choose.

So you can focus the lights to one area of the tank to highlight a busy fish area or you can spread the lighting our evenly to make sure your whole tank pops.

This light is perfect for saltwater aquariums that have live corals and rocks or even a fish only aquarium. This doesn’t mean you couldn’t put this light on a freshwater tank because you could and it would look incredible. A freshwater tank with live plants would thrive and display perfectly with this LED light.

  • This light comes in three different sizes; a 24″, 30″ and 36″.
  • The lighting includes, actinic, Night time LED’s and 10,000Ks so you get the full spectrum for lighting.


Coralife LED Aqualight

This light is very cool and I am very excited to provide you some information on it.   Coralife LED Aqualight

The Coralife LED Aqualight comes with 7 different LED bulbs that can be changed out independantly as well as 4 empty spots available to add more LED lighting or if you want you can move the locations of the existing bulbs to place them in spots where your tank will benefit most.

This light comes in 4 different sizes;

  • 24″, 30″, 36″ and 48″
  • With the 4 different sizes available most people will be able to find a size that will fit their requirements.

This light also has daytime lighting, nighttime lighting and Actinic for the beautiful blues.

Lightimetunnel LED 165w Light

If you are looking for a super bright light that has a dimmer at an affordable price then look no further. This light has many features.

  • Suitable for any and everything, freshwater, saltwater, live plants, corals, fish and more.  
  • Full light spectrum.
  • 2 dimmable channels for daytime and nighttime lighting.
  • Hanging kit comes with the light.
  • 2 chords for the 2 different light channels.
  • good for 20 gallon up to 50 gallon aquarium depending on what is going in the 50 gallon. if it is just fish then this light is fine.

One con about this light is that some customers have reported that if they have problems with the light after a lengthy amount of time the customer service is not the greatest. On the other hand I have read that some customers rave about how awesome the customer service is. I imagine that when a company is selling thousands upon thousands of lights it is not easy to make everyone happy.

Hipargero LED Aquarium Light 30W

If you are looking for something that can be attached to the top edge of the tank then this is what you are looking for.

This minimal design light will look good on any aquarium.

Some notable features of this light include but not limited to;                                          hipargero aquarium led light

  • Real Cree LED’s with proper blue and white light proportioning.
  • Two channel dimmable lighting that can be adjusted from 0% light to 100% light.
  • Made with the top premium materials.
  • A silent fan which is very important.
  • A one year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee which is more than most manufacturers of aquarium lighting offer.

This light is best for a nano or small freshwater aquarium. Anything over 30 gallons will most likely require more than one of these lights. This is a quality light that will enhance whatever you keep in your tank.

hipargero led light on salt tanks

Now that you have some incredible lighting selected you should probably have a tank to go underneath the lights. Check out my Recommended Aquarium Tanks page to see which ones I feel are worth owning.





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