Recommended Aquarium Filters and Aquarium Heaters


HOB (Hang on Back) filters

One of my favorite types and brands of aquarium filters are the Aquaclear hang on back filters. my experience with them is they are very durable, very quiet and very easy to maintain.

Aquaclear HOB filters have various sizes that cover aquariums anywhere from a very small 5 gallon tank to a 110 gallon tank.

Check out this Aquaclear Hob filter on Amazon. I own a couple of them.


External filters

The Fluval external filter is a durable powerhouse of a filtration system. Decently quiet and super easy to clean. This model I am recommending will easily filter up to a 100 gallon aquarium.

When you have live pets to care for you want to invest in quality products that will stand the test of time. Fluval is a brand you can trust in and I recommend this filter.

I am adding a link to take you to Amazon to have a look at this Fluval aquarium hang on back filter.


If you are looking for a super cool submersible aquarium heater for a small to mid size aquarium you might want to try this Popetpop submersible watt heater. With LED digital display you can view the temp on the submersible heater and adjust accordingly.

Aqueon Adjustable Heaters are Durable and Reliable

Aqueon heaters can be purchased from 50 watts to 300 watts which will cover just about any size aquarium you might find in a home. These heaters have been heating aquarium water for quite some time and you will find that they are well worth the money.

These heaters are fully submersible so you can strategically place them to ensure the heat they are emitting is spreading throughout your tank as evenly as possible. I highly recommend these heaters for newbies and seasoned aquarium owners.

Aqueon aquarium water heaters.


Hygger Titanium Marine (Saltwater) Aquarium Heater

Were you aware you could purchase a tank heater specifically for a salt tank? Well now you know.

The Hygger Titanium fish tank heater will stand the test of time. Saltwater will not eat away at the titanium tube meaning this heater will last a very long time. This is a very compact heater that won’t stand out in your tank like a sore thumb.

Even though this heater is rated to be well suited for a marine tank don’t think you can’t use it in a freshwater aquarium because you can. It will stand up very nicely in a freshwater tank.


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