Recommended Aquariums for Home

On this page I am recommending Aquariums that I feel are great value for the money. Some Aquariums are glass and some are Acrylic. Some of my recommendations include other necessary Aquarium accessories and some are just tanks. Lets get started.


The SeaClear Acrylic 50 Gallon Aquarium

SeaClear 50 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium

I reviewed this aquarium so of course this is going to be on my recommended page. You can read my review here.

I love this aquarium. Not only is Acrylic clearer than glass it is much stronger which means even less chance of cracking or other similar damage. So this means that Acrylic aquariums are safer than glass. Acrylic aquariums are also about half the weight of a glass aquarium and if you have ever lifted a large aquarium you know how heavy they can be. With the aquarium lights turned on you will see how clear this tank is and how everything inside is just visually appealing bright and beautiful. This aquarium is okay for freshwater or salt water set ups. Included with this tank is a reflector and 24″ light fixture so you will need to purchase a bulb as well. I recommend purchasing as bright a bulb as possible.

You can check this aquarium out over on Amazon which will open in a new tab.  SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium.

Marina LED 10 Gallon Aquarium Kit

10 Gallon Aquarium Kit

I really like this pick because first of all it is affordable and second because it gives you everything you need to start your fish tank. Here’s what you get with this aquarium package.


  1. The canopy has a built in LED light which means bright light and long lasting.
  2. A Marina Slim filter with the quick change filters included.
  3. You get a container of Max fish food. Make sure that when you do purchase fish you still check to make sure what food that specific species requires.
  4. A few other nuggets thrown in and maybe useful maybe not are Fluval water conditioner for tap water, a fish net that might be useful for the small fish you should buy for a 10 gallon tank and they even throw in a small Aquarium care guide to help you set up and maintain the tank. You can always check with this site on set up and maintenance information as well.

Marina Aquarium 10 gallon

I have to say that i really think this Aquarium kit is a great deal and honestly if I was looking for a 10 gallon tank i would grab this one at this price. I especially like that a LED light and filter come with the set up. Just an FYI that this is a glass tank not acrylic, if it was acrylic it would be more expensive. I still like this one though.

I am going to drop a link here for you to go check it out at Amazon.  Marina 10 Gallon Aquarium.   

This 20 Gallon Aquarium Kit is a fantastic option and definitely priced to sell.

  1. This glass Aquarium kit is built tough with glass that is scratch resistant.
  2. Included in the kit is an LED hood, a filter, a heater, artificial plants.
  3. Aquarium Dimensions are 24.2″ L x 12.4″ W x 16.7″ H

This is an excellent deal for a beginner wanting a smaller aquarium to start with or even an aquarium pro who just needs an extra tank or two.




SeaClear 30 gallon Show Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

I am recommending this 30 gallon aquarium for the following reasons.   30 gallon aquarium combo set seaclear

  1. It is a fantastic size not only for beginners but for experienced aquarium hobbyists who want to own some smaller fish. For a beginner a 30 gallon tank will feel quite large for a while and that is great. This size of aquarium is not huge by any means but it is not tiny either. It is also a good size so you should be able to find lots of locations at home for it.
  2. It is acrylic. I love acrylic tanks. They are so incredibly clear it really is amazing. Acrylic tanks even though they are stronger than glass they can be scratched easier than glass. Don’t worry though because even though they can be scratched easier than glass they won’t get scratched that easy or they wouldn’t be manufactured anymore as no one would buy them.
  3. Acrylic tanks are very light which makes them easy to get set up before you fill it with water.
  4. 30 gallons is big enough to have a small saltwater tank if that is what you are interested in doing. Just do your research on fish species before you buy any saltwater fish for this size aquarium.
  5. This model has a beautiful cobalt blue backing improving the viewers experience. It also saves you from having to figure out what to place on the back of the tank.
  6. This tank comes with a canopy and light fixture, unfortunately you will have to purchase a bulb. A tip for you would be to purchase the brightest bulb you can afford.

I like this tank for newbies to the hobby and experienced hobbyists who want a smaller tank or who might want to purchase an Acrylic set up. Again I will place a link here so you can go check it out on Amazon. 30 Gallon Aquarium Combo Set. 

Tetra Cube Shaped 3 Gallon Aquarium with LED & Pedestal Base

So I have to be honest here. At the time of adding this aquarium to this page I am just about ready to pull the trigger and purchase this one for my desk. I think a few baby Neon Tetra’s or a Betta Fish  would look great in this one. That’s just my preference.

You could put many other different species in this beauty of a tank. I like the size of this one for a table top where you want a bit or “WOW” added. The cool thing about the size of this tank is that you could easily take 3 gallons of water from a much larger tank and put it in this one and then you have a cycled aquarium and could potentially put fish in it right away.

This 3 gallon

Tetra aquarium features:                       

  1. A Tetra 3i filter which includes the filter media for the first run.
  2. An LED light so you can keep an eye on your new pets.
  3. There is a clear cover to keep your fish from jumping out or items dropping in. there is also a convenient hole in the lid for feeding time

All you really need to buy along with this tank is a heater if you plan on having tropical fish and you can start enjoying taking care of your new pets almost instantly. Check it out on Amazon. 3 Gallon Tetra Fish Tank. 


If you are looking to start a Saltwater Tank this selection is for you.

50 Gallon Starfire Aquarium ( Complete Package)

This beautiful tank and stand is the complete package. Just hook everything up then add your saltwater salt mix and let the tank cycle. 

so why should you purchase this aquarium?

This Starfire Aquarium is a rimless tank that measures 24″x 24″ x 20″.


  • The quality aquarium is very important and so is the structure the tank sits upon. The stand in this package is heavy duty and comes with dual opening doors. The doors together measure 24″ x 24″ x 31″.
  • There are three holes that are predrilled inside the overflow box.
  • There is a tank appropriate SCA skimmer (301 model) and an Atmen PH2500 return pump that are included in this package. 
  • Sump measures 19 3/4″ x 16 1/2″ x 13″.
  • Not only does this tank package include a skimmer and return pump it also includes a Durso stand pipe, the return T pipe, the bulkheads, the tubing as well as filter media and last but not least bio media is included in this package. That is great value.
  • The aquarium and cabinet plus the skimmer, the pump and accessories come with warranty.

This is a high end aquarium package. Yes it is expensive however in this case you get what you pay for. The quality in the tank and stand along with accessories are top notch. I recommend this Waterbox aquarium package  which can be purchased on Amazon.


Aquarium lighting is just as important as the tank the water and fish are kept in. Make sure to check out my Recommended Aquarium Lighting page to see which you should consider.

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