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Seaclear 50 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium Review

If by chance you are able to view a fully set up SeaClear acrylic aquarium that alone will most likely sell you on how fantastic this brand of tank really is. First of all let me tell you that if you are starting your first aquarium or on a second or third aquarium a 50 gallon tank is a really good size. For a freshwater tank 50 gallons is quite large in my opinion and will be able to house schools of small tropical fish. Even if you are starting a saltwater aquarium a 50 gallon is typically about as small as you want for salt fish so you are off to a great start.

**If you want to cut right to the chase and check out this beauty of a tank it can be found here over on Amazon. **

The Pros of The SeaClear 50 Gallon Aquarium

As with all acrylic tanks the seams are mostly invisible if not completely invisible, unlike a glass aquarium where the silicone is clear as can be. Eliminating the look of seeing silicone running on all the inside corners of an aquarium makes a huge difference on appearance. It is such a clean crisp look that cannot be denied. The SeaClear 50 gallon is about as crisp and clean as tanks come.

Have you ever tried to lift a large glass aquarium? I have many times and I found out it is pretty much impossible to lift by yourself. Sure you could lift it if you were a big strong brute yet you would still run the risk of the glass cracking when you squeezed it too hard to get control of it or when you try setting it down it could crack then as well.

According to the manufacturer this particular aquarium weighs a whopping 20 pounds. Twenty pounds is extremely light for an aquarium this size. This allows you to take the Aquarium out of the box and place it anywhere in the house you desire all by yourself. This also means that there is less weight sitting on the stand you place it on compared to if you had decided to purchase a glass aquarium instead.

If the tank is lighter than a traditional glass tank you would expect it to possibly be weaker am I right? Well no, this acrylic aquarium is purportedly to be at least 17 times stronger than its glass counterpart according to the manufacturer. This is another really great reason to own this particular product. Acrylic is rated better than glass when it comes to impacts. This means less chance of any cracking or chips in the acrylic.

Want to be able to see your fish clearly? Want to be able to see your fish in your tank better than any of your friend’s tanks? Acrylic is much clearer than a glass set up. It is almost like the water is just sitting there in the shape of an aquarium.

Okay so maybe I am exaggerating a bit but these tanks are definitely clearer than glass. The tropical fish or saltwater fish will look incredible. Your decorations and colored aquarium gravel will stand out better than you would have ever imagined.

With an acrylic tank your water temperature will stay more consistent with less fluctuations than a glass tank. This means happier healthier fish. The aquarium will retain heat quite well which means you will use less power as your heater won’t be running as much.

The SeaClear 50 gallon acrylic aquarium is the perfect size to sit almost anywhere. Measuring 36” wide by 15” deep and 20” high you will see how nicely sized this tank is to work with.

Warranty on an aquarium? Yes there is actually warranty on this aquarium.

The SeaClear includes a 24” light fixture and reflector hood. Now if you read reviews elsewhere you might have read that the light isn’t bright enough which I don’t understand because you can purchase some really bright bulbs. I am guessing people mentioning the lighting isn’t bright enough don’t realize that there are brighter bulb options available.

My recommendation on a light bulb for this tank would be to not try to save money in this area. Buy as bright and as expensive a bulb as you can afford. Quite honestly this tank is worth the price just for the tank itself so you might even want to invest in some dimmable LED lighting if you can afford it. All that being said if you were to purchase a standard 24” tube I think that would be sufficient. Actually for fish only and freshwater plants these are just fine.

When you purchase SeaClear online you will receive a well-protected package with no chance of damage. This way you can have it delivered right to your door. If you are interested in checking into one of these beautiful aquariums even further I will add a link to Amazon for your convenience. SeaClear Aquarium.

Cons for the Acrylic SeaClear Aquarium

I mentioned how strong these tanks are. As strong as they are and resistant to cracking they can be scratched. It’s not super easy to scratch so get that out of your head. The possibility is there though for the aquarium to be scratched. Just don’t let the kids write on the tank with large nails or screws.

It has to come out at some point so here it is. Acrylic aquariums cost more than glass aquariums for the same size. In this case I do believe that you get what you pay for. An acrylic tank is more enjoyable to look at than a glass one. The enjoyment I get from looking at my fish is worth a lot to me so I don’t have a problem shelling out the cash for acrylic.

Something that I have yet to experience with an acrylic aquarium is the acrylic yellowing after years of use. This has been reported by some acrylic tank owners. Glass will not yellow. I believe that some yellowing is due to lighting issues or having your tank sit in direct sunlight for years.

Do not place your aquarium in a spot where it will be in direct sunlight, not because of the acrylic possibly yellowing after years of use but because most likely you will have algae issues and water temperature issues which both can be hazardous to your pets.

So there you have it some really good information for you regarding the SeaClear 50 Gal Acrylic Aquarium. If you are interested and missed the link to Amazon above I am adding one more right HERE for your convenience.

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