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Are Guppies Easy to Keep?

Guppies are very easy to keep, even if you are a beginner. Guppies are very hardy and very attractive little freshwater fish. If you need some color and activity added to a fish tank, then investing in guppy fish is the way to go. A peaceful community fish and just plain fun to watch they will quickly become some of your favorite fish to watch.

Guppies are very easy to keep. So easy you will wish you purchased some sooner. Guppies can be kept alone among other community fish or in schools. Keep guppies in smaller tanks or very large community tanks. Guppies are very peaceful. They will live 2 or more years and grow anywhere between 2” and 3” long. Their tail fins come in all colors and designs as they truly are unique aquarium fish. 

I am just thinking of adding some guppies to a 10-gallon tank I have with some neon tetras. I think the tank needs the flair and activity guppy fish provide. Since they are live bearer’s, I will have to keep a close eye on them, if and when they have babies. I will not only have to contend with the adult guppies trying to eat the frye, but the neon tetras might try as well.

Let’s get back on track here. In this article, I wanted to give you enough information to show you how easy these fish are to keep without it becoming a care guide for guppies. So, let’s get started.


How Long do Guppies Live?

As previously stated, guppies will live over 2 years. You might not think that is very long but after keeping fish, it’s an average lifespan. If you provide them the best of care, in regards to nutrition and tank water parameters, you can expect them to live 2.5 to 3 years.


How Many Guppies Can be in a Tank?

The more, the merrier works well with this fish. There is the general rule of thumb that all beginners should follow in that for every inch of fish, there should be one gallon of water.

To me, this depends on whether you have other fish in the tank and if you do regular water changes.

If you are good with cleaning the tank on a weekly basis, then go ahead and have approximately 1.5 guppies per gallon. This means that a 10-gallon aquarium would have about 15 guppies in it. That would be a beautiful tank. Add some live plants and wow the fish’s colors would just pop.


Can You Keep Just One Guppy?

Yes, most definitely, if all you want is one guppy, then just get one. It will do fine in a tank with community fish of similar size. If you have a very small tank that realistically should only have one fish (or maybe not any), then it might be a nice fit for a guppy.

*Check out my article on 1.5 gallon aquariums.*


guppies are fun to watch and easy to keep

What Do Guppies Like in Their Tank?

As carefree as guppies are, they need to feel safe. Having lots of hiding places and live plants will not only make for a beautiful aquarium but it will provide the fish with the sense of safety they desire.


Can Guppies Survive in Tap Water?

If the tap water is treated, then yes. I use tap water for a 10-gallon tank. Here’s what I do.

I have a 5-gallon water jug that I fill once a week with hard tap water. I then treat it to remove chlorine and other elements not conducive to healthy fish. You can get water treatment at your local fish store or order from a place like Amazon. This aquarium chlorine remover (water conditioner) is a fantastic option.

Every weekend I refill my 5-gallon jug after I am done with the water change. Then, I add the water treatment. It takes literally just a few minutes. That way, I have good water for topping up during the week and to do the water change on the next weekend.


How Do I Know if My Guppies are Happy?

If your guppies are active and eating when you feed them chances are, they are happy and quite content. Good job.


Are Guppies Live Bearers?

As previously mentioned, guppies are liver bearers. Once they are established in your tank, assuming you have male and female, you can expect guppy babies about every 6 weeks or so.

That means, you will have to prep the tank by cover any filter inlets with sponge filter material so the frye don’t get sucked up into the filtration. As well, you need to scoop them into a different tank of frye cage as the adult fish will try to eat them.


Can You Mix Guppies and Tetras?

Mixing guppies and tetras is a nice combination and yes you can mix them together. Most tetras are as peaceful as guppies, so they make a nice pair. The only thing I wouldn’t recommend is having a large school of one fish and only one or two of the other. The school of fish probably won’t attack the smaller school, but the smaller group could end up being very stressed and get sick. Try to keep schools about the same size when possible.



There you have it, guppies are easy to keep. They will add some beauty and enjoyment to your tank, and they will eventually provide you with babies so you can keep enjoying them for years to come. You might need to find a friend to take some off your hands, however!


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