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Can a GloFish Live with Normal Fish?

GloFish are a genetic phenomenon and popular with aquarium hobbyists. When you see them in pet store, they’re usually housed in a tank with others of their kind to showcase their unique ‘glow in the dark’ coloring. But can they live with ‘normal’ fish in a community tank environment.

GloFish can live with normal fish, depending on the type of GloFish you have and the size of your aquarium. Small tropical schooling fish like gouramis, guppies, mollies, platies, rasboras, and swordtails typically make good tankmates for GloFish of the danio or tetra variety.

Now that you know GloFish can live with normal fish in captivity, let me explain this to you further. As you read this article, you’ll discover whether you can mix different species of GloFish, if they can live with other kinds of schooling fish, if they can live with bottom dwellers, and what types of big fish are compatible with them.

So, if you’re ready to dive-in and learn more about stocking a GloFish community tank, then keep reading…

Can You Mix Regular Fish with GloFish?

You can mix regular fish with GloFish, provided the tank is large enough and the species you choose is peaceful and similar in size. Bigger, more aggressive fish aren’t recommended. Since GloFish are often of the tetra variety, consider housing them with other tetras that thrive in the same aquatic conditions.

Can You Put GloFish in a Regular Tank?

GloFish can live in a regular tank, so long as it’s big enough to accommodate their naturally active tendencies. These fish are schooling and should be kept in groups of 6 since they can become hostile towards each other if kept in groups of less than 5.

A 10-gallon tank will suffice for 5 GloFish – for each additional fish, add 2 gallons of water. Bear in mind that the blue light needed to illuminate these fish doesn’t aid in aquatic plant growth, so you’ll need to stock the tank with fake plants and other decorations such as rocks, caves, etc. – they like hiding places.

fish tank filled with glofish

Can GloFish Live Together?

GloFish can live together – in fact, they’re a type of schooling fish and do best in groups of 6 or more. The bigger the group, the safer and more peaceful this fish will be. Alone or in groups of less than 5, GloFish will be more aggressive towards one another and skittish in a community tank environment.

Can GloFish Live with Tetras?

Most GloFish originated from either tetras or zebrafish. Therefore, they can live with other types of tetras like cardinals and neons in a community tank. The key is to keep them in big groups in a large tank. For example, try keeping 10 GloFish with 10 neon or cardinal tetras in a 40-gallon aquarium.

Can GloFish Live with Zebrafish?

GloFish that originated from zebra danios can live with other zebrafish in captivity. Zebrafish are a type of small, peaceful, schooling fish just like GloFish. Therefore, they should be kept in groups of least 5 – if the group is too small, zebrafish may become anxious, skittish, and even aggressive towards other fish.

Can GloFish be Kept with Gourami Fish?

Dwarf gourami fish are good tankmates for GloFish. Not only do they make an attractive and colorful addition to a community tank environment, but they’re also of like size, peaceful in temperament and can live in the same water conditions. Keep a group of 5 with your GloFish in a 20-gallon tank minimum.

Can GloFish Live with Guppies?

GloFish can live with other peaceful schooling fish in a community tank. Guppies do well with GloFish, just be sure the tank has plenty of fake plants and hiding places to help reduce stress. The parameters should be conducive to both species as well – warm water of at least 70-degrees F and a neutral pH of 7.

Can GloFish Live with Mollies?

GloFish of the tetra variety can typically live with live-bearing fish such as mollies. In fact, all types of tetras dwell peacefully with molly fish in captivity! Just be aware of water conditions – mollies prefer a warm blackwater environment but can adapt to tropical freshwaters if properly acclimated.

Can GloFish Live with Platies?

GloFish that originated from tetras or zebrafish can live with platies in captivity. They share similar temperaments and are roughly the same size. Both are also a type of schooling fish, so they typically dwell peacefully together – just make sure the water conditions are suitable for both species.

Can GloFish Live with Rasboras?

GloFish can live with rasboras in captivity. A group of at least 8 harlequin rasboras can live with a school of 6 GloFish in a 40-gallon tank with lots of fake plants and hiding places. Any less than 8 and rasboras become stressed. Like GloFish, rasbora colors display best in a tank with dark substrate and ‘blue’ light.

Can GloFish Live with Swordtails?

GloFish can live with swordtails in captivity under the right circumstances. Swordfish should be kept at a male to female ratio of 1:2 and in schools of at least 6 to prevent aggression within the group. You can easily keep a school of 6 GloFish with a school of 6 swordtails in a 40-gallon tank with lots of coverage.

Can GloFish Live with Bettas?

GloFish of the tetra variety can live with bettas, under the right circumstances. Male bettas are too aggressive to keep GloFish so house them with females instead. Make sure you add the GloFish to the tank first and then add the betta otherwise, the betta will attack the GloFish for invading its space.

If you have male betta GloFish, then keep them alone in a tank. Female betta GloFish can be kept either alone or in small groups. The tank should be big enough for each species to occupy its own territory. For a group of 6 GloFish and a single betta, the aquarium should be at least 20-gallons but bigger is better.

Can GloFish Live with Loaches or Plecos?

GloFish shouldn’t be kept with bottom feeders like loaches or plecos if you have GloFish bettas or a Glo-shark. If you have GloFish of the tetra or zebra danio variety, you may be able to keep a school with a bottom feeder since they typically don’t occupy the same space in a tank.

Can My Goldfish Live with My GloFish?

Goldfish can’t be kept with GloFish since they come from different habitats – goldfish like cooler, freshwater whereas GloFish prefer warmer, tropical water. The only way to keep them together is to acclimate your goldfish. However, for optimal health of both species, house them in separate tanks.

What Big Fish Can Live with GloFish?

Bigger, more aggressive fish shouldn’t be kept with GloFish. GloFish do well when kept in a school with other fish of like size and temperament. Bigger fish may harass GloFish, especially if they’re territorial. Large carnivorous fish should never be kept with GloFish as they’ll likely get eaten.

Final Thoughts

In summation, GloFish can live with normal fish, provided the species you choose can adapt to the specific tank conditions GloFish need to thrive in captivity. Since GloFish are a type of tetra or zebrafish, they do well with small tropical schooling fish like guppies, mollies, platies, rasboras, and swordtails.

I hope you’ve found this article to be both interesting and informative. Thanks for reading – happy fishkeeping!

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