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pea puffer tank mates

Dwarf Pufferfish Tankmates

Dwarf pufferfish (often referred to as pea puffers) are unique in both appearance and personality. Green and yellow with large eyes, black markings, fluttering fins, and a fan-like tail, they’re highly active and surprisingly aggressive for such a small fish. Being both carnivorous and territorial, you may be curious as to which (if any) aquatic …

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pea puffer

Pea Puffer versus Dwarf Puffer (What’s the Difference?)

As an aquarium hobbyist, you may be thinking about expanding your community tank to include a few puffer fish. Unique in their ability to inflate to evade predators, puffers have long been a favorite among aquarists. Perhaps you’ve heard about pea and dwarf puffers and are wondering which one is ‘better’ and what’s the difference …

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