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Gift Ideas For The Aquarium Hobbyist

Presents for fish lovers are what this article is about. Being an owner and lover of aquarium fish I either have these items or they are items I would love to own and feel that most aquarium owners would probably feel the same.

If anything, if you are looking for a gift this will give you some great ideas. I don’t ever think someone should buy fish for an aquarium owner without consulting them as you don’t know if they have the max amount of fish in their tank or will your choice of fish be safe in the tank you are buying them for.

The gifts I list on this page will not affect the safety of the fishes lives in fact in some instances it just might improve their lives. When someone loves fish as a pet they are hard core lovers of the hobby and their pets just like dog or cat owners. Finding the right gift can definitely give them a ton of fun and pleasure. Let’s get started.

 Automatic Fish Feeders

If you are buying a gift for someone who is very busy and always on the go or maybe they have the best intentions but are sometimes forgetful then this is the gift for them. An automatic fish feeder can be set up to dispense a specific amount of food at set times of the day for specific time frames.

Depending on the feeder you purchase you can set all kinds of feeding times and amounts as required. Being an aquarium owner myself this would be a great device to own even if I was around to feed the fish. Maybe you just don’t want to feed the fish in the morning because you are always so rushed. Set this feeder up and never have to worry about feeding your fish in the morning again or night or whenever you decide to set it up for.

LED Lighting (Upgrade)

There are a few things to consider here if you think you might want to purchase some new LED lighting for someone.

  1. If the aquarist does not currently have LED lighting then it is definitely something they would love to receive.
  2. If the aquarist does in fact have LED lighting however the lights are a bit older and do not have new technology then yes, they would love new lights.
  3. Before purchasing lighting you must know if you need lighting for;
    1. Live plants,
    2. Lighting for fish that perhaps prefer subdued lighting or possibly they are fish that thrive in really bright light.
    3. If the lights are for a salt aquarium are there corals that need lighting or is it just a fish tank?

I always recommend these LED lights when someone asks me about bright aquarium lights at a great price.

Some LED lights have lighting effect as well as dozens of color options and even remote controls. I have a great review of Koval lights you might be interested in.

Aquarium Water Parameter Test Kit

This is one of the most important things you can purchase as an aquarium owner yet I hear so many people saying they feel the water is pretty good so they won’t spend the money. For the cost of these kits there is no excuse for aquarium owners to go without a water test kit yet they do. Shame on them.

This would be a thoughtful gift in my opinion. Having the ability to test the parameters of Ammonia, Nitrites and Nitrates you are ensuring a healthy and thriving fish tank. Whether you have a freshwater tank or saltwater tank API has a great test kit for you.


Aquarium Decorations are a Fun Gift

Since it’s not a great idea to go and buy fish for your fish tank lover if you don’t really know what they can have in the aquarium or if they even want more fish one thing you can buy that will spruce up the fish tank and will always be a reminder of your gift is aquarium decorations. There are so many different types of decorations available.

If you want to buy a themed decoration like sponge-bob or skulls you can find it on Amazon. If you just want to get some new driftwood for someone who has Pleco’s you can find that on Amazon as well. Check out these aquarium decorations, I guarantee you will find something awesome.

How about an Awesome Desk Top Aquarium Kit

If you are looking for a work gift or just a small tank kit that someone can put on a desk, kitchen counter or other counter top how about one of these beautiful little fish tanks?

I want one for my own kitchen counter.

How About a Super Cool Aquarium Coffee Table?

I found this really cool coffee table on Amazon. It comes with a filter and is recommending that you only use the aquarium coffee table for freshwater fish only.

If you have a man cave or family room that gets used quite often this would look awesome in it. You won’t watch TV anymore if you have this fish tank table sitting in front of you.

How About a Funky Jellyfish LED Aquarium Mood Lamp?

Someone with an aquarium up and running, might not want extra work so this makes a perfect gift. This LED aquarium lamp comes with two realistic looking jellyfish. A calming and peaceful lamp that can be enjoyed even after your aquariums lights are turned out. With 5 light changing effects to choose from there should be lighting for any mood. Even if you don’t own an aquarium this is still a cool light to have.

You could even use this as a night light as it automatically shuts off after 4 hours.

How About a Fish Coffee mug

As a coffee drinker myself I know how enjoyable it is to grab my favorite mug when I make a cup of coffee. Why not gift someone who is into aquariums a beautiful fish mug so they can now enjoy a new favorite mug when they go to make a fresh cup of coffee.

Want a custom aquarium fish mug? If so check this one out.

Aquarium Fish T-Shirt

How many times has the person you are looking for a gift for told you or someone else they couldn’t do something because they were staying home to work on their tank? Probably more than once I am guessing. I have done the same thing.

I found this cool t-shirt on Amazon along with a bunch of other choices. This specific one is cool because it gets the point across and is not a loud shirt by any means.

 Find Out What the Fish Eat

A tip for you is to have a look at what foods the fish eat and purchase a supply of fish food. You might think this is a boring gift however it is actually a very thoughtful gift in my opinion. Some fish might get a treat once in a while whether it is a live food or maybe a frozen food that you could purchase.

While you are at it if you notice what the aquarium owner uses to clean the tank or what they use to perform any other tasks buy them a supply of that. It’s all appreciated I am sure.

How about a 3.9’ Bubble Tube Floor Lamp?

This floor lamp comes with a remote control and 10 fish. There are numerous LED light selections to pick from. This lamp could be used in a bedroom as a night light or a family room for mood lighting and sheer joy in watching. Dim the light while watching a movie and I dare you to try not staring at this mesmerizing lamp.

When you get the lamp, you fill it with distilled water and the supplied fish. Turn it on and enjoy the beauty. I want one now. It’s on my list.

That’s it for now I hope I have given you enough gift ideas. There are so many options when it comes to the aquarium hobby. Other ideas are things like pictures and posters, books and dvd’s, blu-rays.

Fish jewelry or how about a blanket with aquarium fish on it? The only limit is your imagination. Everything I have ever thought of and searched for on Amazon or the internet is being manufactured somewhere by someone.

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